Protocols for Operation

January 2021

First Level of Protection (elimination)

  • Safe physical distance for any family members in the home

  • Limit number of people servicing concurrently


Second Level of Protection (engineering controls)

  • Window in clients house will be opened if considered feasible


Third Level of Protection (administrative controls)

  • Cleaning Protocol:  Tools to be cleaned with a heat sterilizer and barbacide,

  • Towel are bleached in hot water for each client

  • Surfaces are cleaned with barbacide

  • Before service, I will don a surgical face mask.

  • A mask will be worn by the client

  • Before service, I will hand sanitize before donning vinyl gloves.  After service, I will dispose of gloves in the designated disposal bag and will hand sanitize

  • Client will wash hands before and after the service

  • Single use items will be discarded in the designated disposal bag

  • Client will be told to cancel appointment if they or their family members have symptoms of Covid 19 or  have been In contact with someone who has Covid 19


Fourth Level of Protection (PPE)

  • A mask will be worn by the client

  • I will wear mask and vinyl gloves